Emotional Fast Food and the hollow sensation of cheap gratification.

Day 9:Side Crow Pose

Amazing! I can come into a crow easily but have never had the courage to try a side crow until now! And Lindsey mastered her first crow pose! Good times!

Me: today I reflect on how amazing my yoga journey has been. It’s incredible that I’ve been practicing yoga for close to a year now. Where has the time gone? I’ve come so far and have so much still to learn and it’s all so exciting and full of possibility. Never have I been so happy with a New Years resolution, who would’ve thought?!

Lindsey: I am pretty impressed with what my body has been able to do. This is by far the craziest yoga pose I have ever done as a beginner haha! I’m just happy that I’m living healthier for my Sophomore year of college, that is an amazing feeling.

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